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Okeechobee - The Lake City

By Keirsten Bartley, Posted on 03 May, 2023 at 11:53 am

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Okeechobee, a city with the blessing of rural charm and a peaceful atmosphere, is nestled at the northern rim of Lake Okeechobee in the state, Florida. The city has been acting quite responsible for the provision of a relaxing and old-fashioned atmosphere, perfect to have a long week of break from your hectic work schedule.

The aesthetic lakes at every corner: The highlight of the city is the lake name after the city itself, The Okeechobee Lake. The beautiful, serene lake, surrounded by the thick, posh trees and floral vines twisting around the wide, brown trunk of trees. You may witness the lake covered with white flowers beautifully dispersed along the water of the lake, making it look more ethereal and feeding your soul with the joys of such heavenly sight. The sight is oblivious and makes you forget all of your worries. Getting into the lake in a paddleboat to have a closer of it couldn't get any better! The lake is widely known for being a fishing spot! A lake, namely Deep lake, also found in Okeechobee, is 90-feet deep and a sinkhole that is naturally occurring. The upper half of the lake is freshwater, while the lower half is said to be seawater. A great number of people and wildlife are attracted to the lake for its vegetation and scenic views.

Everything is fishy: How can you be in the city of lakes and not enjoy the authentic cuisine? Okeechobee is best known for its seafood variety in the town. From serving fishes, alligators, and even turtles, Okeechobee has aced it all. Reminding you that Okeechobee isn't a coastal city but does lie on the coastline, and the restaurants offer the best shrimps, shellfish, and delicious food from the ocean.

Treasure Island just for your kiddos: Next one is the Children's Museum of the treasure coast, a family-friendly place that has amenities for everyone of all age groups. The Museum is overloaded with interesting exhibitions, and the educational treat is impressively engaging manner. You get to know about animals, about nature, and with an insightful experience and knowledge of space and exploration.

Let’s escape the beachy world: Looking for an escape from the beaches and parks on your trip? Port St. Lucie Botanical Garden is a perfect place for you. With beautifully cultivated areas along with exotic species of plants, the garden hosts you for long hours without asking you to spend heavy dollars. The garden is pocket-friendly and leisurely for you in fewer dollars.

The cherry on top, Okeechobee Hotels FL, adds more colors to your trip! Experience the joy of tranquil nature during your stay in this city!

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